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Rehabilitative prison: recommendations based on the European practices

In this paper the author underlines the fundament upon which a new model of a prison has to be established. For sure, there does not exist a kind of theoretical and architectural blue print of a rehab prison. Else it would be a very simple assignment. In that case, the universal blue print has to be was able to be copied and pasted and the author would advise you to implement it. However that is not possible. Every society creates its own tailer made system of corrections. The reason for developing their own unique correctional system is related to the history of a state, but also interacts with the ideological, political, economic, cultural and social conditions. In each country these conditions vary, sometimes there are minor differences, but most of the times the differences are rather big. After all, all countries, all governments in practice will choose for a different approach.

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The Use of Criminal Fines - Lessons from the International Experience

This paper is designed to increase the use of criminal fines as an alternative to imprisonment. It reviews such information as is available, draws conclusions from these, and makes preliminary recommendations as to what might be transferable to Kazakhstan and how best it might be made to work successfully.

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