William Irvine's speech at the the first Steering Committee

Project objectives and inception phase.

Since October, the project team has been working closely and intensively with all our Kazakh partners in order to ensure that the project will fit with the aims and current development plans for the criminal justice partners.

When we were awarded the project, there were clear overall objectives, which had been established by the EU as part of the co-funding agreement with the Kazakh Government.

These are about strengthening the rule of law, increasing compliance with international standards for trials and the treatment of individuals, and implementing the Presidential policy of improvement as set out in the 100 steps.

The components are: 

Effective implementation of reforms, including systems of measurement and public awareness raising

Supporting implementation and development of prison and probation reform, particularly about making community sentences effective 

Facilitating the training and development of all relevant staff during the project period and beyond

It is important that we all work together to implement what will work best in Kazakhstan.

During this inception period we have talked with all key partners and the work plan for the project reflects these discussions. We have also engaged with other projects working in the criminal justice field and will be working with them to ensure that there is no duplication of effort and that our work complements that of all others involved.

As a result of this we now have a workplan finalised which will be taken forward under the guidance of the steering committee which has its first meeting later today. The steering committee, which has members from all the key stakeholders, will also be involved in discussions about the procurement of equipment, which will assist in sustaining the outcomes of the workplan.

We will be bringing in experts from UK, Netherlands, Poland and other EU member states, all of whom will have the right skills and experience to contribute to the development processes.

The workplan which you will hear about from my colleagues is not the property of the project team. It is our plan, yours and mine.The objectives are Kazakhstan’s objectives.

I am looking forward to the coming months of joint work with you in improving the criminal justice system and increasing the public’s confidence in it. So much has been done already and it is exciting to be part of the ongoing processes.

Thank you.

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