Ian l
Ian Lankshear
Project Director

Ian Lankshear, JP, MA, MBA is Part-time Project Director of the EU Enhancing Criminal Justice (Kazakhstan). He prepared the technical aspect of the project bid and has also undertaken international work for EU Taiex programmes during 2015. He recently completed 34 months as project team leader for the Support to Criminal Justice Reform in Jordan Project (funded by the European Union and running from January 2012-October 2014). This project was located within the Ministry of Justice and was focused on the development of a coordinated criminal justice strategy, the development of the public prosecutor role, the introduction of alternative sentences, the expansion of legal aid services and improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Jordanian Criminal Justice System. Prior to this appointment, Ian completed a 38 year career in the Probation Service in the England and Wales, working in urban and rural areas, in prisons, in courts and in residential settings. He was for 5 years the Chief Probation Officer for South Wales. He has had extensive involvement in training and development of staff within criminal justice and in strategic planning across criminal justice agencies. He is trustee of a number of voluntary organizations in his home area (South East Wales) and in January 2012 was appointed as a Lay Magistrate by the UK Minister of Justice.

Bill Mather
Strategic Project Leader

Bill Mather has been appointed by NI-CO as the in-house expert based in Astana to lead the project ‘Enhancing Criminal Justice, Kazakhstan’ for its 2nd and 3rd years. He is an internationally recognised expert on social transformation specialising in criminal and social justice systems and services. He is the author of the ‘Navigating Leadership Guide Series’ and a highly experienced cause leader and manager having been Chief Executive of NGOs for 17 years. He joins NI-CO with 20 years’ experience as an international consultant designing, establishing and reforming systems and operations for governments and civil societies. Bill is an authority on ministry and public sector governance, public service leadership, inter-sector collaboration, not-for-profit commercial capabilities, and high performance operating cultures. He has worked with strategic responsibilities at the highest levels on major mission critical programmes with states and civil society organisations on issues spanning justice, international development, employment, environment, and social development. His professional training is in management, systems analysis and finance. He has a Master of Arts degree in the social effects of globalisation.

Ben Zengerink
International Project Expert

Ben Zengerink MPM is Deputy Project Team Leader of the EU Enhancing Criminal Justice in Kazakhstan. Ben has been working for the Reclassering Nederland (Dutch Probation) during 38 years. He started as probation officer and recently ended his career as manager of the Probation Office Region Amsterdam. He was one of the founders of the Educational Measures for Offenders and the execution of Alternative Sanctions (Skill Trainings, Educational Measures and Community Sanctions), he co-initiated Electronic Monitoring, was member of the steering group that was responsible for the reorganization (on content as well on organization) of the Dutch probation and he advised the MoJ on extending the application of conditional sentencing. The last 15 years he also operated as short time expert and part-time coordinator in different probation projects abroad; e.g. Czech Republic, Romania and Moldova. His motto is: “Don’t copy and paste! Use the experience of others, but make things applicable in the local situation”. Ben studied Social Casework, History and Public Management, where he did his thesis on “Implementing Change Successfully” and he is/was chair of several boards of organizations in the field of education, youth care, victim care and re-integration.

Tom p
Thomas Patterson
Medium Term Expert (Training Component 3 Leader)

Former Senior Police Officer (30 years of police experience in Northern Ireland, involved with Training Management, Curriculum Design, Training Delivery and Evaluation, Community & Cultural Diversity and Human Rights Programmes); Since 2003 working as International Training Advisor, Project Leader, Team Leader and Trainer in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Balkan & Baltic Countries, Turkey and UAE.

Ms. Saule Mektepbayeva
Project Operational Leader, candidate of legal sciences

Has 15-year experience of work in human rights sector and civil service. Managed the Expert Department at the Ombudsman Apparatus. Headed the criminal justice projects at the Soros Foundation – Kazakhstan, UNDP, World Bank, more than six years was the Regional Director of International Organization “Penal Reform International”. She is a specialist in the area of prison reform, juvenile justice, gender issues. Conducted monitoring visits to the prisons in the USA, Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Mr. Ilyas Nurmaganbetov
National Project Expert

Has 7-year experience in academic and human rights areas as well as in business sector. Ilyas coordinated such projects as “Enhancing criminal justice in Kazakhstan through establishment of the criminal law system taking into account the human rights”, “National preventive mechanism in Kazakhstan: putting policy into practice”, “Criminal proceedings and Prison Reform Initiative: Reintegration of Ex-Prisoners through Employment and Probation System” in International Organization “Penal Reform International”. His scope of activities covers such issues as development of probation service, penitentiary reform, juvenile justice, mediation and reconcilement. Ilyas was involved in development of legislation on the issues mentioned above and has the degree of Master in science of law.